Because of his experiences on the special area „Static Control“ (ESD) for years, Mr. Berndt wrote the practically oriented book „Elektrostatik – Ursachen, Wirkungen, Schutzmaßnahmen, Messungen, Prüfungen, Normung“. The 4th edition will be published by the VDE in summer 2017. It is guidance for all companies, where electrostatic charges must be avoided. Mr. Berndt’s second book „ESD – Schutz – Normen, Konzepte und Messtechnik“ was published by Expert in 2019

This one is needed by specialists and managers in the process engineering, production process and quality management, including an Static Control Program.

In the in-house training centre, the B.E.STAT European ESD competence centre educates and trains ESD coordinators. Themes, like the actual European and international standards as well as measurement trainings belong to a standard training. Additionally, it offers trainings with topic “basics of the electronic”. So a comprehensive education is enabled, also for people from another working field

    • DIN EN 61340-5-1 + DIN IEC/TR 61340-5-2, DIN EN 61340-5-3, JEDEC ANSI/EIA-625C, MIL-STD-1686A or


  • ANSI/ESD-S20.20-2021

Know-how and experiences

    • Since 40 years of professional experiences on the special area „Electronic + Electrostatic – influences on electronic components and assemblies through electrostatic charges”


    • 1981 – 1986 Management of the technological centre “Electrostatic” in Dresden/Erfurt; management of different working groups – since 1991 management of the special committee 7.3 „ESD“ in the society of microelectronic, micro and precision mechanics (GMM) at the VDE, assistance in different national and international standard committees (DIN and IEC)


    • VDE (publishing house) “Elektrostatik”, 4rd edition published in September 2017


    • Expert (publishing house) „ESD-Schutz“, 3nd edition published in September 2019


  • Numbers of publications in professional journals and books about „Static Control“ (ESD)

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